Konsep Fatwa dalam Perspektif Hukum Islam (Analisis Normatif)


  • Ahmad Tarmudli


Syariat, Fatwa, Mufti


This research is motivated by the condition of the Islamic world which always needs figures who have established scientific qualifications. So that it is expected to be able to dialogue between the Shari'ah texts that are normative with the reality (waqi ') of the Muslim community which constantly experiences development and change. Thus, when the Muslims hope to remain solid in religion, they can still adjust to the developments around them. Especially things that are related to modernity (science and technology) which certainly affect the orientation of society in general. While the formulation of the problem which is the basis of this research is: first, how the nature of the fatwa is normatively. Second, what are the criteria for a mufti based on Islamic directives and thirdly, what are the provisions of people who ask for a fatwa and matters related to the contents of the fatwa given by a scholar.