Pelaksanaan Syariat Islam Secara Praktis (Furuiyyah) bagi Non Muslim


  • Idrus Abidin


Shariah, Islamic Law, Practical


Islam has become a standard of good or bad, right or wrong, halal or haram and the acceptance of a praying. This is certainly understandable, and has even become a joint consensus among legal experts in the Islamic intellectual world from the past until now. Meanwhile, non-Muslims are included in the audience which is guaranteed to fall into the categories and calls of the Shari'ah which are fundamental. In terms of sanctions due to violations of prohibitions in Islam such as hudud qishas, etc., Islamic jurists have agreed that even non-Muslims are required to obey and obey such practical calls for shari'ah. The problem of imposing practical shari'ah obligations on non-Muslims is a real manifestation of the principal problems in Islamic law.